If you have cancer, you’re likely to meet many different doctors and health professionals during your care. They’ll each have a different expertise in cancer and together can provide the best treatment for you.

·         Cancer Nurse Specialist (CNS) – Nurses with in-depth knowledge in the specific area of cancer care. They are the main contact during and after cancer treatment.

·         Oncologist – a doctor who specialises in cancer care and has advanced knowledge and understanding of cancer treatments. Oncologists treat cancer using methods other than surgery, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

·         Surgeon – a doctor who specialises in carrying out operations to treat an injury or condition. When treating cancer, different surgeons will specialise in operating on specific parts of the body.

·         Radiographer - a diagnostic radiographer uses techniques such as X-ray, MRI and CT scans, to take images. A therapeutic radiographer operates the machine that delivers your radiotherapy treatment.

 ·         Radiologist – a doctor who specialises in using imaging methods to diagnose medical conditions, including cancer.

 ·         Dietitian – can give you advice on healthy eating especially if you’re having trouble eating and drinking because of your cancer treatment.

·         Physiotherapist – a health professional that specialises in maintaining and improving movement and mobility.

·         Psychologist or counsellor - a psychologist is a health professional who specialises in emotional and behavioural problems; a counsellor is a health professional who also provides emotional support.

·         Pharmacist – a pharmacist prepares and checks the type and dose of medicine that your doctor prescribes. They can also advise you on how to take your medicine and the possible side-effects you may have.

·         Occupational therapist – a health professional who can give practical assistance to help you manage everyday activities and increase your independence.

·         Histopathologist – a doctor who examines samples of tissue under a microscope to help diagnose a disease such as cancer.

 ·         Physicist – an expert in radiation who will help to plan your radiotherapy treatment.