More funding

Our STP has been able to attract extra funding to invest in services across Norfolk and Waveney. The money has come from NHS England or the Department of Health and Social Care:

  • £1.3m to develop cancer services
  • £2.1m for winter resilience schemes
  • £585,000 for the central Norfolk Wellbeing Hub
  • £4m to develop Chatterton House in King’s Lynn to improve mental health services
  • £185,000 to fund staff working directly for the STP and other running expenses
  • £535,000 to develop Primary Care Networks which will be the building blocks of community-based health and care services
  • £2.9 million to support workforce development during 18/19 (this includes our Trainee Nurse Associates Programme)
  • £7.5 million to improve or introduce our IT and technology
  • £100,000 to pilot a new ‘general practice assistant’ role
  • £485,000 for specialist workers to assist peope with severe mental illness find work

Investing in services

Of course, because we are a partnership of organisations, the individual partners invest considerable sums of money into services, so that people receive the care and support they need. Here is just a snapshot of recent investments:

  • £4 million to fund more evening and weekend GP appointments
  • £27 million more across the East of England for ambulances and staf
  • £4 million to build and £2.8 million per year to run a regional mental health mother and baby unit at Hellesdon.
  • £370,000 per year for a community perinatal mental health service
  • £7.7 million more invested in mental health community teams (recurrent)
  • £2.4m to expand the Wellbeing Service
  • £1.3million into children and young people’s mental health services, chiefly the eating disorders service
  • £2 million for a new ambulatory care unit in the James Paget University Hospital
  • £3.9 million for a new endoscopy Sterilisation and Decontamination Unit at JPUH
  • £7m for new interventional radiology at NNUH
  • £1.5 million - new community palliative care service in central Norfolk
  • £300,000 for a service to support people who frequently go to A&E
  • £1.5 million supported care service in North and South Norfolk
  • £180,000 additional funding into South Waveney out of hospital teams
  • £510,000 additional funding for child speech and language support
  • £239,000 new MSK Triage Service across Great Yarmouth and Waveney
  • £2.5m per year on additional operational and social work capacity
  • £1.6m per annum on Accommodation Based Re-ablement

Many of these examples - and more - are on this website.