The NHS Graduate Scheme gives every chance to have a long and positive impact on the health of the nation – even if you are still in training to become a leader of the future. It gives candidates invaluable experience and the opportunity to work with maternity unit to mortuary, sit in on a surgery, observe a board meeting, or even ride in the back of an ambulance. 

Whilst learning from a variety of NHS professionals (both clinical and non-clinical) as well as patients and their families, your work will change processes and you’ll be involved with making big decisions, make vital savings for funding and improve the lives of patients.

There are a total of six schemes:

  • Finance Management
  • General Management
  • Health Analysis
  • Health Informatics
  • Human Resources 
  • Policy and Strategy 

Those joining the NHS Graduate Scheme will be offered a diverse range of locations to work in across England. You can nominate your three most desired places to work, but may have to compromise if you’re needed outside of your preferred areas. 

This will give a real feel for the complexity of the NHS, as each placement will be in a different organisation based anywhere in that region. You remain in your allocated area for the duration of the scheme, working for at least two different organisations. 

Through hands-on experience, candidates will be able to learn how healthcare, social care, acute services and other services operate on a daily basis. They will also learn about how everything connects together within Care, to push patient centred care to the very forefront of the NHS, by working alongside porters, nurses, doctors, managers, physiotherapists, social workers, midwives, doctors, ambulance staff etc.