Pharmacy Assistants work under the direction of Clinical Pharmacists; who they assist in ordering, preparing and dispensing medicine. They work in hospitals, community pharmacies, retail pharmacies in supermarkets, or on high streets. Those in community pharmacies may be called Dispensing Assistants. 

What does a Pharmacy/Dispensing Assistant do?

  • Order prescriptions, load and unload deliveries 
  • Dispense prescriptions correctly
  • Use computer systems to generate stock lists
  • Pre-pack, assemble and label medicines, before selling them over-the-counter or delivering to other hospitals and health centres
  • Answer customer queries (face to face or over the phone)
  • Refer problems and queries to the Pharmacist 

Entry requirements

  • Employers expect very good literacy, numeracy and IT skills and ask for GCSEs or equivalent 
  • You have an advantage if you have had previous work experience in health or social care – specifically in a customer service type role
  • You must understand law and guidelines on medicines and be able to pay exceptional attention to detail, as well as have good communication skills