IT Technicians assist with the implementation and commissioning of IT and digital systems within an organisation. They are responsible for all internal and external electronic communication networks. This includes Wi-Fi, wide area networks, local area networks, computers, mobile phone communications and email systems. 

What does an IT Technician do?

  • Help with setting up computing equipment in organisation sites e.g. a hospital or a CCG
  • Installing new computers, carrying out initial tests, updates and loading programmes
  • Helping to maintain hardware, software and digital security 
  • Diagnose and fix faults, supporting members of staff who use the systems

Entry requirements 

  • A background of experience in IT helpdesk or web development is desirable
  • It is possible to enter an entry level post with no formal qualifications, but GCSEs or equivalent qualifications will give you an immediate advantage 
  • Specific roles within IT will require a specific professional qualification, such as a qualification in Computer Science