Local health and care organisations are working together to build healthier communities in Norfolk and Waveney - here's why: 

Our health and care needs are changing 

Our population is growing, people are generally living longer and the type of care that people need is changing. By 2030 we predict the population of Norfolk and Waveney will have risen to 1,094,000 and the largest increase will be in the over 75s - in 2030 there will be over 57,000 more people aged 75 and over living locally compared with 2015. All of this means that how we look after ourselves, and how health and care services work together to care for people, also needs to change.

Take a look at this video to see how our health needs have changed and the NHS has adpated over the past 70 years: 

Our services are under pressure

Our health and care services are under increasing pressure and need to adapt to our changing health and care needs. If we don't do anything, the pressure on our services will only increase, we won't have enough money or staff to keep caring for people in the same way we do now. 


New technology is revolutionising our health and care 

At the same time, new technology is changing what we can do to look after ourselves, as well as how health and care services can treat and support people. We need to make the most of the opportunities that new technology offers so that we can provide the type of care that people now need and to reduce the pressure on our services.