Our vision

  • Together, we will build healthier communities in Norfolk and Waveney.
  • We will provide high quality and responsive health and care services.
  • We will be there for our people when they are vulnerable, regardless of age or ailment.
  • We will make it easy for people to access our services to enable people to lead happy and healthy lives.
  • Working in partnership we will provide sustainable services through an empowered workforce.

Our priorities

  • Primary and community care: As a system we know we must focus on prevention wherever possible, we cannot meet our clinical priorities without focussing on primary care and community care.
  • Mental health: We will focus on prevention and maintaining well being for our people to stay happy and healthy. If people are in need we will provide high quality services.
  • Acute transformation: Transforming our acute hospital services in a way that improves the patient experience as well as making them more financially sustainable.
  • Urgent and emergency care services: To address pressures on urgent and emergency care services to enable good quality care for all.
  • Cancer: Commitment to improving the care, treatment and support all people who have been diagnosed with cancer and ensure that cancer is diagnosed early across our footprint.
  • Children and young people: Ensuring our children and young people have access to high quality physical and mental health services to give them the best possible start in life.

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